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Transforming the IT Function

Organisations can achieve huge efficiencies by redefining their Target IT operating model - the way that its IT function operates. The advent of outsourcing and Cloud solutions and the proliferation of third party software, applications, storage and service providers, afford huge opportunities for organisations to streamline their technology service and transform the business in a tangible and positive way.

The challenges for CIOs when approaching their target operating model are, however, manifold:

  • Understanding how to align the operating model with the overall vision for the business
  • Deciding which parts of the IT function ought to be kept in-house or outsourced, and understanding the options in the marketplace
  • Managing the inherent business risks in transforming the IT Function
  • Defining Cloud and its benefits within the context of the organisation and articulating this to the business so that there are no misconceptions
  • Preparing the organisation for the upheaval that such a transformation will trigger
  • Ensuring that the IT function in its myriad forms delivers a world-class service on an ongoing basis                          
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PTS Consulting works with its clients to address all of the challenges above so that the organisation's IT Operating Model is fully optimised and delivers maximum benefit and value back to the business. We draw on expertise in Operational Governance, Converged IT Infrastructure, Data Centres, IT Service Management, IT Sourcing and Change Management to offer independent strategic advice, assess the marketplace, architect the target IT operating model and project manage any transformation or transition on a global scale.

Our PTS Managed Services can then ensure that the relationship between the business and IT, whether outsourced or in-house, is appropriately managed, ensuring that IT continues to deliver an excellent service back to the business.


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